***     happy easter day 2014     ***     Ellid charitable Society and Paltel group agreement to sponsor learn by play project     ***     Ellid charitable society in Nablus always opining its doors:     ***     Ellid charitable society in Nablus conduct Ceremony honoring supporting institutions .     ***     Ellid Charitable Society in Nablus implementation of charitable work to ensure that orphans.     ***     Ellid Charitable Society sign agreement partnership with Catholic Relief Services:     ***     Ellid charitable society had obtained the certificate of good governance from Coalition for integrity and Accountability (AMAN)     ***      The ministry of Social Affairs In Nablus Congratulated Ellid charitable Society in the occasion of Obtaining the certificate of good governance     ***      Ellid charitable society conducted two introductory meeting as a part of lets move project     ***      Ellid charitable society signs web for freedom project Agreement with European union     ***      Ellid charitable society welcome at its office In Nablus district the Palestinian business man and the former chairman of its board Mr. Foad Gorwan     ***      Ellid charitable distributes an financial Aid worth 27000 NIS to the orphaned and the poor households in Nablus district     ***      Elid charitable Society has concluded the first phase of learn by play Project     ***     Ellid charitable society has held a medical day for eyes patience and diabetics     ***     El-Lid charitable society implemented the UPA project for Orphans and disables     ***     

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International and Regional Relations
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International and Regional Relations

El-Lid Charitable Society cooperates with numerous government agencies and non-governmental organizations from Europe, America, Canada, Australia and the Arab world, in particular from the Arab Gulf. The Society is a member of the following general assemblies:-

  • International Federation for Community Centers (IFS).
  • International Federation for Training and Community Development (IFTDO).
  • World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH).
  • World Youth Assembly (WAY).

El-Lid Charitable Society is also a member of the Executive Committee of the International Association for Social Educators (AIEJI).

El-Lid Charitable Society has been sending delegations to foreign countries to attend conferences, training courses and seminars on the subjects of humanitarian and community development work.


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