***     happy easter day 2014     ***     Ellid charitable Society and Paltel group agreement to sponsor learn by play project     ***     Ellid charitable society in Nablus always opining its doors:     ***     Ellid charitable society in Nablus conduct Ceremony honoring supporting institutions .     ***     Ellid Charitable Society in Nablus implementation of charitable work to ensure that orphans.     ***     Ellid Charitable Society sign agreement partnership with Catholic Relief Services:     ***     Ellid charitable society had obtained the certificate of good governance from Coalition for integrity and Accountability (AMAN)     ***      The ministry of Social Affairs In Nablus Congratulated Ellid charitable Society in the occasion of Obtaining the certificate of good governance     ***      Ellid charitable society conducted two introductory meeting as a part of lets move project     ***      Ellid charitable society signs web for freedom project Agreement with European union     ***      Ellid charitable society welcome at its office In Nablus district the Palestinian business man and the former chairman of its board Mr. Foad Gorwan     ***      Ellid charitable distributes an financial Aid worth 27000 NIS to the orphaned and the poor households in Nablus district     ***      Elid charitable Society has concluded the first phase of learn by play Project     ***     Ellid charitable society has held a medical day for eyes patience and diabetics     ***     El-Lid charitable society implemented the UPA project for Orphans and disables     ***     

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El-Lid Charitable Society

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Our Mission:

El-Lid Charitable Society seeks to provide high-quality and professional support to disadvantaged members of the Palestinian society by offering developmental, educational and in-kind assistance. We provide much needed community awareness programs to marginalized groups within the society: children, women, youth and people with special needs. These programs are aimed at improving the living conditions of disadvantaged individuals as well as promoting the value of an active civil society committed to targeted advocacy.

Our Vision:

El-Lid Charitable Society is committed to helping marginalized groups within the Palestinian society to improve their living conditions. Through its social, educational and training programs El-Lid Charitable Society endeavors to meet the developmental, educational and health needs of its target groups.

The work of the Society is carried out by its qualified staff and by a large pool of volunteers, offering a variety of training IT, language, health - and mental health counseling.

Our Objectives:

1. Improving the living conditions of the target groups (women, children, youth and individuals with special needs).

2. Increasing the social and health awareness of the target groups.

3. Promoting and developing the potential of the target groups.

4. Promoting the concept and value of an active civil society.

Target Groups:

Children, women, youth and individuals with special needs.

In its efforts to address the needs of the most vulnerable members of Palestinian society El-Lid pays particular attention to orphans, elderly individuals without relatives to provide for them and low-income families

Projects and Programs:

The society aims to achieve its goals working in two main spheres:

I. Humanitarian and Charitable Programs

  1. Seasonal programs:

The Society provides assistance to families living beneath the poverty line, orphans and elderly people, through the distribution of school bags, olive oil, cheese and food parcels (during the holy month of Ramadan).

  1. Sponsorship programs for orphans, low-income families and people with special needs:

The Society seeks to provide a fixed income for about 220 orphans. The sponsors are either local or international charitable organizations from Europe and Arab Gulf countries.

  1. Urgent Relief program:

Throughout the year the Society runs an on-demand program that caters to urgent requests for in-kind assistance from low-income individuals or families. This program runs parallel to and complements the Societys Seasonal and Sponsorship programs.

  1. Houses Renovation program:

In one year of activity the Society was able to renovate more than 87 homes belonging to families living beneath the poverty line in the Nablus district and nearby villages.

  1. Health Campaign programs:

In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Health, several local and popular committees, Christian parishes and other local charitable organizations active in villages and refugee camps:

  1. Eye testing campaign: runs once annually, the beneficiaries number in the thousands.
  2. Ear testing campaign: runs once annually, the beneficiaries number in the thousands.
  3. Dental care: the Society offers this service for a nominal fee through a clinic located within its own premises and another clinic located at An-Najah National University.
  4. Subsidizing speech therapy for children whose families are unable to afford it.

II. Community development programs:

  1. Empowerment and Advocacy programs:

These programs aim to promote the unique roles of children, women, youth and people with special needs within society. The targeted groups are encouraged to articulate their needs and priorities and trained in advocacy strategies through workshops, conferences and organized meetings with decision makers,

  1. Democracy and Human Rights programs:

These programs aim to promote the concept of democracy at every level of society, starting with the individuals and ending with institutions and organizations. These programs also highlight the role that individuals and organized groups can have, within a democratic society, in raising the level of awareness of human rights issues concerning children, women, youth and people with special needs.

  1. Election Awareness programs:

During the presidential, parliamentary and local councils elections the Society repeatedly played an important role by participating in the observation process. The Society conducted workshops for local observers aimed at improving their skills in monitoring the level of fairness and observation of procedures of the electoral process.

  1. Mental Health and Health Awareness programs:

The Mental Health program offers mental health support through individual, family, school and public counseling. Techniques applied include psychotherapy, drama therapy and play therapy.

The Health Awareness program aims at increasing Palestinian families' awareness around health issues by encouraging them to modify their hygienic and eating habits and to adopt healthier and safer practices. The program focuses specifically on the following areas:

  1. Reproduction and sexual health (particularly aimed at young people);
  2. Awareness and treatment of thalassemia.
  3. Issues related to individuals with special needs and their families.

  1. Educational and Training programs:

The Society offers different training courses:

1. Mental health and counseling.

2. Summer camps leaders training.

3. Civic education

4. Elections monitoring.

5. Capacity building and NGO management

6. Training courses specifically for people with disabilities

7. Language training: English and French language courses based on the curricula of AMIDEAST, the French council and the British Council.

8. IT Training - courses are targeted by age groups and levels and include:

MS Windows

Internet & online networking skills with a business and advocacy aim

Web design

These courses are held at the Society's Multimedia Center, applying the most up-to-date methods and the latest curricula.

International and Regional Relations:

The Society cooperates with numerous government agencies and non-governmental organizations from Europe, America, Canada, Australia and the Arab world, in particular from the Arab Gulf. The Society is a member of the following general assemblies:-

* International Federation for Community Centers (IFS).

* International Federation for Training and Community Development (IFTDO).

* World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH).

* World Youth Assembly (WAY).

The Society is also a member of the Executive Committee of the International Association for Social Educators (AIEJI).

The Society has been sending delegations to foreign countries to attend conferences, training courses and seminars on the subjects of humanitarian and community development work.


The Mothers Guide.

The City of Happy Childhood (a play on CD).

Educational songs for children on issues of health awareness (on tape).

CDs containing 40 TV talk shows on psycho-social support for children and the promotion of womens and childrens roles in society.

Al-Farha Newsletter no psycho- social support for children.

Hanan Newsletter for a Better Family, on health awareness.

El-Lid Charitable Society Nablus and North West Bank

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West Bank

P.O. Box 1638

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