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Ellid charitable society in Nablus conduct Ceremony honoring supporting institutions .

2/2/2014 11:52:00 AM


Ellid charitable society in Nablus   conduct Ceremony honoring supporting institutions .

Under the title (who don’t thanks people don’t thanks Allah)  , Ellid charitable society  conduct Ceremony honoring supporting institutions to Ellid charitable society projects  Under the auspices of the governor of Nablus.

In the reception of the association and  persons there was  members of the board of directors  ,the executive   stuff of the associations and the volunteers.

 The Ceremony start with reading  (Al Qoran al kareem   ) which read by Al Sheakh  Issa  Al hindi

Then the Palestinian national anthem, and gave a speech Assembly, member administrative board Haj Nasser Idriss where thanked for supporting institutions contributed to the Association's projects during the year 2013 and in previous years.

Then gave a speech sponsor of the event His Excellency the Governor of Nablus Deputy Governor Mrs. Annan Al ateerh  who  commended the efforts and the role of Ellid Charitable Society for its activities and projects of various charitable projects and development and the apparent progress made ​​by the Association during the current period.

And the ceremony included a short film illustrates the activities and projects undertaken by the Association, and also included a musical paragraph carried out by the students, "Mohammed and Ahmed Sadooq", which won the admiration of the audience.

Then Mr. "Abu Amer Abidi,"  recited the word of  supporting institutions which underscores the need for continued support, and to contribute to the continuation of the activities and projects Ellid Charitable Society in the coming years..

At the end of the ceremony was honored supporting institutions that attended the ceremony and these institution are : ( Haj Bassam Aldbai, Haj Mohammed Marzouk Al-Salhi, Haj Jamal  Aldbai, Haj Darwish Jarwan, Haji Abdul Rahim Fayez Saad & Sons, Palestinian Telecommunication Group. Al raya commercial Co. Alzelmut distribution, Near East Industries, Inc. Jerusalem Pharmaceuticals, national Beverage Company Co, Bin Hamamah Co, Siniora Food Industries Co. Abdel Nasser Fathi Saad Eddin Co, Othman Khroosheh Furniture and Bedding Co. Al shamal furniture Co, Abdel Moneim Saad & Sons shops, Haj Wasef Amer, Haj Walid Aidi, Dr. Mohammed Oweiwi, Dr. Ismail Al-Kilani, Mr. Maher Saad , Mr. Amjad Abdoh, Mr. Abdul Mohsen Abida, Mr. Munther Shakhsher, Mr. Nemr  Shakir, Al tal Al akhdar Co, , Hijjawi trade paper Company, Al amad commercial Shops, Al shams commercial warehouse, Al rajah  chemical cleaners factory, Haji Amjad Qasem, Haj Amin Kalboneh, Haji Jamal Saad, Haji Hasyim Hassoun, Haj Khaled Rifa’i, Haj Zakaria Hjeer, Haj Ziad Abu Shehadeh, Haj Aref Hanani, Hajj Azzam Sirafi, Haj Fouad Aldbai, Haj Fouad Jarwan, Haj Ma’amoon Darwish,Haj Musa erdais , Haj Naser al shanni,Haj gassan Aldebi,Haj Mohammad Almadfaa).

And as Mr. Alaa Darwish, executive director of the Association of Ellid and the administrative board of the Association honored the staff and volunteers of the association thanks and appreciation for their efforts in completing the ceremony and assembly projects.

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