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Elid charitable Society has concluded the first phase of learn by play Project

1/15/2013 11:38:00 AM

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Elid charitable Society has concluded the first phase of learn by play Project which is funded by European Union for 2 years. Noting that Learn by play project will be implemented in schools of Tularem and Qalqiha districts. This phase was concluded after interviewing all applicants who submit their applications to participate in the project. Mr .Darwish General manger of Ellid Charitable Society assured that ellid charitable has been striving since its inception to engage Palestinian youth in developmental projects and to encourage them to engage in a volunteer work .Mr.darwsish also added that Ellid charitable society will always seek to provide youth projects and ensure the participation of experts in the field to develop the skills and experiences, besides promote community partnership. Its worth Noting that learn by play is developmental projects funded by European union , carrying out by Ellid charitable Society , aimed at raising the educational level of school pupils in tulkrem and qalqeliya Distracts , particularly those whose lands have been confiscated due to the apartheid wall as well those with low educational level . the project also aimed at convincing the parents of the necessity of letting their children go back to schools . Its worth Noting that Ellid charitable society non profit, Non Political organization established In 1996 In Nablus. Aiming at improving the living conditions of the target groups (women, children, youth and individuals with special needs), increasing the social and health awareness of the target groups, Promoting and developing the potential of the target groups and Promoting the concept and value of an active civil society

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